About Richard and Karen
Tue Apr 23, 2019

Richard Insley is a Highly Regarded Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer.

Richard became a heavy duty diesel technician after leaving school, working in the industry for 25 + years. During this time, the industry took its toll on his body and it left him suffering from severe, debilitating lower back pain from about his mid 20’s and on for many years after. With regular visits to the osteopath and chiropractor, the advice was always to strengthen the core and work smarter and of course, he kept ignoring the advice in the hope that it would somehow miraculously go away. Then in his early 30's Richard saw his weight increase and the pain and discomfort exaggerate.
richard insley

Deciding to do something about this Richard gained entry to the 1998 London Marathon, and joining a local gym and this helped Richard take a serious interest in his own the health and fitness. After several months his health, strength, and weight all improved and he saw the debilitating back pain reduced significantly and then he moved on from just running and participated in many triathlons and has completed the Alcatraz Triathlon in 2008, swimming across the part of San Fransisco bay that they said the prisoners would never navigate alive.

On moving to Canada, as his health improved and interest in the fitness industry grew even more, and the natural progression was to certify as a Personal Trainer, and Richard eventually switched career paths to pursue a full-time business in training, fitness, and nutrition setting up his company RPE Fitness & Training Inc. in 2006.
Since then he has also certified as a Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach and a certified Aging Adult Fitness specialist working with older adults and the senior's population; helping them to regain health and develop strength, heart health, mobility and improve quality of life.



Karen Insley is an award Winning Professional, Public Speaker, Published Writer & Highly Regarded Nutrition Expert.

Karen had childhood and adolescent struggles with her weight and understands first-hand the emotional and physical struggles of dealing with being overweight and her University career choice was fueled partly from those struggles and wanting to understand nutrition and food better.

karen insley

Karen graduated from Sheffield City University in the UK, with a Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management, Food Production & Food Manufacturing. Chef Training, Culinary Skills Development & Nutrition & Diets were an integral part of her studies; both in a practical and classroom setting.

On moving to Canada in February 2004, they were personally and professionally active in the health and fitness industry in the UK for over a decade, decided to pursue their passion and entrepreneurship with the creation of their own health, nutrition and fitness companies; Karen launched Aspen Fitness Inc. in 2007 and, in 2015, as their work and clients became more closely connected, they merged their business entities into RPE Fitness and Training Inc.
Although Karen & Richard possess many health, nutrition, and fitness certifications, they admit that the majority of their expertise comes from their continual research and studies, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts; they are continually striving for more knowledge and information which they can pass onto their clients.





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